Do you still have to key in the telephone number if you wish to make a call from the office?

And does it also take up a lot of your time keeping your switchboard database up to date?

Then order the Reflex Telephone Switchboard link module now. With the help of the KeyLink external programme and the Reflex module, it is possible to link your switchboard to Reflex 3000. If you already have the KeyLink software and your switchboard is compatible (this information can be requested at KeyLink, telephone number 035 – 699 02 30), you can call your customer directly from Reflex 3000 by clicking the telephone number. It is no longer necessary to type in the number and you are free from having to manually complete and keep the switchboard database up to date. Should a relation call you, a pop-up appears automatically detailing which company is trying to contact you. Please contact your account manager for more information.