logo rooi pannenSchool community De Rooi Pannen ensures high quality education. They offer VMBO and MBO training in Tilburg, Eindhoven and Breda for the trade, hotel and catering, tourism/recreation and design sectors. Please visit their website www.derooipannen.nl for more information.

One of the pillars of the education at De Rooi Pannen is ‘learning on the job’.
The school is very practice based and this can be seen in the design of the school buildings. The students follow practical lessons in the school’s very own teaching hotels, restaurants, kitchens, bakeries, shopping centre, event agencies and the sign company. They can also gain learning experience in placement companies both in the Netherlands and abroad.

It is impossible to imagine the current working environment without automation. More and more companies are using software to run their processes more efficiently. De Rooi Pannen has chosen to offer its students a course in ERP software in order to prepare them for the future properly. De Rooi Pannen approached ReflexSystems to see if they would support them in this. ReflexSystems, the prime ERP supplier for the food industry, is glad to help expand the students’ knowledge so that they are better prepared for the future. ReflexSystems therefore installed their Reflex 3000 ERP software and industrial Flex 3000 hardware at the school. A training course will be developed together with the teachers at De Rooi Pannen and a certificate will be awarded at the end of the study.

ReflexSystems provides automation solutions for the food industry. In the mid-nineties, ReflexSystems was made up of two companies that had long gained a reputation of achievement in the food industry. Those who work with our system immediately experience our motto ‘Easy. For sure’. Our guiding principle is that everyone should be able to work with our system. User-friendliness is in our roots. Please go to www.reflex-systems.nl for more information about ReflexSystems.