As you know, we at ReflexSystems are continuously working on improving our products and creating new products. As of today, there is a new app available:

The Drivers App

The Drivers App enables you to register the returnable transport packaging directly while still at the customer using a smartphone with Android operating system or tablet. The driver can also log in using Wi-Fi or a 3G network and download the route. The driver receives a list of the route and the customers that he has to visit on that day.

While at the customer, it is also possible to directly enter returnable transport packaging articles and obtain a customer’s signature on delivery. Once signed, the customer receives a digital delivery slip per email. You in turn receive a message in Reflex 3000 that the information is ready and can be processed in the invoice lines with a press of the button. The internet allows you to track the driver’s position live, enabling you to estimate when he will arrive at the following address.

Once the lorry returns, a summary of the total quantity can be printed for control purposes. All the returnable transport packaging and any returned articles (option will follow shortly) are staged for invoicing with a mere press of a button.


Benefits of the Drivers App:

 No more written return papers from your driver!

  • Returnable transport packaging is processed directly in Reflex 3000!
  • Insight into the driver’s route!
  • Insight into the driver’s location!
  • No more illegible or lost packing slips!
  • Signature is saved digitally in Reflex 3000!Drivers App costs:In order to work with the Drivers App, you require an android tablet or smartphone. The costs depend on the number of drivers that will be working with the App.

Should you be interested, please feel free to contact your account manager or via or at telephone number 036-5358070.