ReflexSystems, market leader in software and weighing systems for the food industry for the last 25 years , has collaborated with SRC System Integrators BV , renowned partner in the field of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and founder of the new Out-of-Home platform for EDI in Foodservice.

EDI is becoming increasingly more established in the food industry. EDI enables you to digitalise your order and invoice flows. Starting the EDI communication demands a great deal of time and knowledge from the user. ReflexSystems and SRC System Integrators now relieve you of this work. Together, we ensure that the EDI integration between the Reflex 3000 software and your customers is easily achieved. In addition, SRC System Integrators BV offers competitive rates with regard to your current EDI supplier. Should you require more information, please feel free to contact ReflexSystems at 036-5358070 or SRC System Integrators BV at 0229-233154.