Changing financial market conditions require an adjustment of the company’s financing strategy. In the past, it was not too difficult to secure a loan for investments or takeovers. However, today it is less likely that financial institutions will grant loans. Another topical issue is the management of costs. For many businesses, it is essential to have an understanding of the cost structure. Ideally, cost structures should be fixed for years rather than increase even after machines/devices have been replaced. On the other hand, replacing devices on time is essential as this often lowers operational costs as well as keeping ahead of the competition.

Prof-Lease is a leasing company with extensive experience. The experts at Prof-Lease have years of experience within management teams at financial institutions and know the financial market and the solutions like no other. This ensures that Prof-Lease is able to provide custom solutions. ReflexSystems works together with Prof-Lease to ensure that you, as customer, are able to make the essential investments even if your bank is reluctant to be involved.

For more information regarding leasing options, please contact us or Tony Hengst at Prof-Lease on telephone number +31 (0) 481 37 55 34.