Plan your products and capacity in less than no time
You can easily plan your products and capacity with the help of Reflex Production Planning. For each product and machine, you are able to specify what you wish to produce, the quantity and when you wish to begin production based on your recipes, average sales, stock position, outstanding orders and machine capacity.

With the help of graphs, you can immediately pinpoint your areas of concern in the production capacity and move scheduled production tasks easily to other machines or to another production day.

Reflex Production Planning summary

  • Establishing production steps and available machines per production step
  • Establishing machine activities such as preparation, cleaning etc.
  • Establishing machine availability each day
  • Establishing the scheduled maintenance of the machines
  • Planning the quantities of product to be produced. With just a press of button, the production tasks can be created
  • Planning the available capacity for the product to be produced
  • Monitoring the progress of your production with regards the planning. Immediate insight into any deviations to the planning and the unavailable machines.