lunchtafelv1At the beginning of July 2010, David Kok and Kevin Sjoerdsma started This is now a company that supplies quality products for the lunchtime. By using a selected number of artisan suppliers and its own artisan bakery, is able to provide its customers with a fresh, authentic, healthy and above all delicious lunch. represents good service and flexibility in combination with high-quality products. “After an 11:00 delivery, one of our customer realised that there were more people for lunch than expected. They called us up at 11:20 with the request whether we could deliver extra bread. We then did whatever it took to deliver the extra bread before lunch started at 12:00. This service and flexibility in combination with our high-quality products sets us apart from the rest! ”, according to its founder David Kok. has grown exponentially in recent years “I remember when we used to ride to customers on our mopeds in order to deliver the orders. We now have professional drivers with delivery vans,” explains Kevin Sjoerdsma.

Because ReflexSystems has been supplying user-friendly modular software for over 25 years to approximately 700 varying small and large companies in the dynamic food market, this experience provides tools for startup businesses with a growth potential like A SaaS solution enables these businesses to work with the extensive possibilities of Reflex 3000 for a small monthly fee.

The entire order flow within is automated from purchase orders and stock management to the sales invoice. has also chosen for the business-to-business web shop (Reflex Internet Order) and smart phone order application (E-order). As a result, this makes it even easier for the customers to place orders anytime and anywhere.

In short, the purchase of the modular Reflex 3000 software system has prepared for the future!

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