puurgroenten v1In addition to their potato cultivation firm, which has been in the family for three generations, Saskia and Hans Lammers started PUUR Groenten in the summer of 2012. PUUR Groenten is a company that has in recent years specialised in the cultivation of mini and micro vegetables, herbs and edible flowers in ponds in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible. The seeds are sown by Gitzels nurseries, which is a specialised cultivation firm with a great deal of practical expertise. The seeds are sown on root balls that are made from coir mixed with compost and other natural materials.

In March 2014, the pond surface was expanded to 2200 m2 and an 80-m2 salt-water pond was created. The products have now been introduced into the market via Rungis in Barendrecht and are delivered directly to various top restaurants.

After substantial research into the possible automation solutions in the food industry, PUUR Groenten decided upon the ReflexSystems’ user-friendly solutions. ReflexSystems also provides customisable software solutions for start-up businesses! For just a small monthly fee, companies can work with the extensive options provided by Reflex 3000 by way of a SaaS solution.

The entire order flow within PUUR Groenten will be automated as well as the purchase and labelling. This will ensure that all manual operations will eventually be phased out and an easy, error-free transfer of information will take place. PUUR Groenten is ready for the future with the purchase of the modular Reflex 3000 software system!

For more information about PUUR Groenten click on the following link: http://puurgroenten.com/