For many years, ReflexSystems has hosted the Internet Order web shop for its customers. This very user-friendly B2B web shop can be formatted according to your own design and is linked live to the customer’s database. New prices, articles and customers are included on the site within no time. Customers can view current prices and access information about the article. Once the order has been placed, your customer receives notification via the e-mail and can then follow the status of the order online.

To make it easier for your customers, an App has now been made available, which your customers can install on their tablet and/or smartphone. The App enables you to access special offers, articles and even scan barcodes. Orders can also be entered via the order pattern or directly and sent to your administration.

As of today, the following link enables your customers to download the app in the Google play store.

This App works under the Android operating system. The App has been sent to Apple for approval in March. Once this has been approved it will be made available in the App store. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide a timeframe for this approval. However, we will keep you up to date when more information is available.

The following images are some screen examples of the app: