A subject that we often find to be overlooked is ICT: “something has to be done with it, but what?” is often the case. In a digital world where you are becoming increasingly more dependent on ICT, it is important that your colleagues are aware of the changes in this area. Your organisation is even more reliant on information, applications, software and other communication methods. The operational processes are dependent on these. How vulnerable is your company if little or no attention has been paid to the difficult subject of ICT and you have to deal with the failure of critical systems? 

Business continuity management; a recognised concept?

The continuity of your service and the on-time delivery of quality products may come under heavy pressure in the event of any failure. However, there are only a few genuinely critical processes. Just ask your logistics manager what the business-critical processes are within the organisation: everything may fail, apart from ICT; the service that the organisation has to continue carrying out at any cost even if there is a power cut, the servers are down and applications stop. Are you aware of the consequences for your organisation?

Critical processes and ICT.

We are increasingly being asked to help organisations form the continuity management, to ensure they remain running in the case of a failure. In most cases, the first step is to identify all the interdependencies between systems and applications. Where do the responsibilities lie? The following step is to secure the service level agreements with suppliers. ReflexICT also examines what your critical processes are and the role that ICT plays. What do you already have in place as a contingency measure for ICT? Which vulnerabilities remain and how can you deal with these?  

Take immediate action.

ReflexICT works together with ReflexSystems. This unity is where their strength lies in the automation within the food sector. Thinking in terms of your business goals and allowing technology to work for you through smart use of ICT. That is ReflexICT: ICT expert partner and service provider from the centre of the Netherlands! Not only does ReflexICT implement ICT solutions, but also provides advice on how to apply ICT and why. The objective is to maintain the continuity of the organisation. Make an appointment by email today and we will be more than happy to discuss this further with you.