Calibration service

Inspection (Calibration)
ReflexSystems is a certified metering company. This means that ReflexSystems is authorised to carry out conformity assessments for certain measuring instruments in use and provide them with a conformity mark (calibration). The certification is given by the NMi Certin BV. We are therefore authorised to act in accordance with the Dutch Weights and Measures Act as described in the European regulations NEN45501. ReflexSystems can and should recalibrate its own products and provide them with a conformity mark (calibration mark). We are also permitted to break seals and reapply seals if a repair has been carried out on weighing scales.

In addition to this, ReflexSystems has a Cooperation Agreement with Verispect: the supervisory organisation of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This means that ReflexSystems is certified to carry out checks on all the measuring instruments and, once approved, provide them with a quality control sticker. The advantage for you as customer is that in the majority of cases if ReflexSystems has recently carried out an approved technical inspection, the Verispect inspector does not have to carry out an inspection. He can then simply verify that the measuring instrument also complies with the other requirements made by the Dutch Weights and Measures Act.

Furthermore, we offer you the option of signing a weighing scales inspection agreement. Your weighing scales are then checked periodically for accuracy. A certificate is then issued that you can use for your BRC, HACCP or other quality control systems.

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