Weighing systems

Weighing systems: the numbers tell the story
We apply this statement to the fresh produce sector. ReflexSystems provides various types of weighing scales that are connected to the Flex 3000 terminal and therefore integrated directly in the Reflex 3000 software package.

Bench scales and drive-through scales
ReflexSystems produces bench scales with weighing capacities from 3 to 300 kilograms and drive-through scales with weighing capacities from 150 to 3000 kilograms. These weighing systems are stainless steel and waterproof according to the IP 67 norm.

Weegsysteem van Reflex System

Rail and floor scales
Rail scales with a weighing capacity of 150 to 600 kilo are also produced and floor scales (built in) with weighing capacities of 150 to 3000 kilo are included in the range. These floor scales can be constructed with a removable plate to enable easy clean. We do this because we attach high priority to HACCP.

Made in Holland
All the software and hardware components are developed and produced in house by ReflexSystems. ReflexSystems also has its own in-house certified calibration service for periodic checks and calibration of the weighing systems.