Seurop 3000

Seurop 3000 is the one solution for an uncomplicated automation of slaughterhouses. The software programme, which seamlessly connects to Reflex 3000, has a link with the national Reactic databases. In addition to this, you can send files to the PVV (Product Board for Livestock and Meat) and the VKI (Food Chain Information). The links are automated, which means that requesting information manually is a thing of the past. Scanning ear numbers is also a quick and easy process. Seurop 3000 retrieves the data from the national database and specifies whether a BSE test and/or blood test are required.

Ease of use
The Flex 3000 terminal with touch screen makes it even easier for you. It enables you to inspect, weigh and price the animal in just a few steps. Seurop 3000 keeps track of whether you purchase the animal or only charge for the slaughter costs. The programme prepares the invoices with the costs and kilograms for you. Once you have checked these invoices, you can send them (digitally if required) to your customers.