Label printers and barcode scanners
When using an advanced production and administration system, it is always desirable to be able to measure and register with (more) accuracy. The easier it is for your employees to process all the information at input, processing and output, the less extra and unnecessary work there is for the production. Easy. For sure.
In order to register and measure accurately, we use electronic weighing systems, labelling and barcode scanning. ReflexSystems is a total supplier of this as well.


Linked to our registration terminal
Flex 3000 offers ReflexSystems various label printers and scanners. Scanners are wireless or wired, with or without display and available with a buffer function if required. The printers can be with or without peel-off, available in all sizes and speeds and meet the highest quality standards just like all the other ReflexSystems equipment.

Please take a look at our WSS (Wearable Scan System) solution: a unique solution enabling wireless, hands-free order picking!