Coldstore 3000

Coldstore 3000: Chill & Coldstore programme
Coldstore 3000 is especially developed by ReflexSystems for companies that store and/or process products from third parties. It is possible to create an invoice at any given moment based on the activities carried out, which may include storage and release costs, any processing costs (services) and storage cost (per kilo or per piece). Coldstore 3000 works with Windows 2000 and XP. The first thing that stands out in particular about the Coldstore 3000 programme is its speed and user-friendliness. After installation and a short training, you can get to work quickly.

Master files
In addition to basic data such as packaging articles, a record can be kept of an article file for each customer. This enables the product name and numbers from your customer to be used. The edits are found in the services file from which standard combinations can be made per customer. Managing the customer file and the invoicing are done in Reflex 3000. The programme has an extensive range of options to register the price agreements. Each service has a basic price. A price agreement can be entered for each customer service/combination. A monetary or percentage discount can be entered. If the standard price now changes, the price agreement is changed automatically.

Storage and release orders
Storage and release orders can be created at the office. These orders can be processed using a linked Flex 3000 industrial terminal with a connected weighing scale if necessary. The storage costs can be invoiced at any given moment with just a press of a button. The invoice is compressed and the costing structure can be enclosed, including the current stock.

Koelhuis Apeldoorn v2

Coldstore 3000 in brief

  • Packaging registration
  • Packaging combinations possible in packaging sets
  • Numeric and alphanumeric search function
  • Services and edits file per customer
  • Article file per customer with personal customer numbering system
  • Invoice moment adjustable per customer
  • Customer search by number, name, town/city and postcode
  • Price agreements per customer per service
  • Stock summaries per customer
  • Storage and release orders
  • Print CMR documents
  • Plan extra weighing moments
  • Users file with allocation of rights
  • Support for all Windows printers
  • Packaging summaries per customer
  • Internal and external invoice enclosure
  • Summary of invoices outstanding per customer, reminders
  • 500 customisable label layouts possible
  • Customisable layout of reports
  • Full traceability of products
  • Extensive scanning options
  • Coldstore 3000 can be expanded with the following Reflex 3000 modules
  • Turnover analysis
  • Relation management
  • Ledger/financial administration link
  • Currency module
  • Quotation management module
  • Purchase management packaging material
  • Automated quality controls (HACCP)