Making life easier for customers
Product development is high on the agenda at ReflexSystems. This involves purely practical solutions. There can really be no other approach. We work from the idea that the customer’s life should be made easier. We therefore continually strive to adapt the software and develop new products to provide practical support to companies and their business processes.

Although ReflexSystems develops solutions based on the day-to-day practice of the food industry, legislation and regulation also play a role in product development. In order to give substance to the tracking and tracing requirements in the General Food Law, the Reflex 3000 system is provided with a special module.

For customers that wish to introduce the option of ordering online, ReflexSystems has added a special internet order module to the package. A system has also been developed to pick paperless orders using wireless RF terminals, including a wrist terminal with a ring scanner worn on the finger, which enable both hands to be free. This is always based on the thought “What is the most efficient way of working in practice?” That is what counts at the end of the day. ReflexSystems develops all the software itself because having in-house expertise is important strategically. This enables us to provide an optimal service.

In addition to the high quality, user-friendliness and good price/quality ratio, we place increasingly more importance on service in order to set ourselves apart from our competitors. Providing service is for you and us important in order to increase the quality level of the products and the software. As a result, we release new versions of Reflex 3000 modules regularly based on your wishes, experiences and requirements. These are focused on actual practice as much as possible. In order to prevent malfunctions in the business processes, we test all the new products and systems extensively beforehand. An example of this is pre-releases, for which we simulate the business practice.