Flex 3000

Flex 3000 XL and CT: easy to operate on the work floor

Efficiency and simplicity in perfect balance
A good registration system is crucial for a balanced organisation. The food industry has such a system: the Flex 3000 XL. Seamlessly integrated with Reflex 3000, this is the only software package for the food branch.
The first requirement for a registration system is a clear design. It is also essential to have a robust, moisture and dirt resistant housing. The Flex 3000 XL more than meets the requirements asked of an industrial terminal. In addition to the splash-proof touch screen and the heavy steel housing, the large screen of the Flex 3000 XL stands out in particular.

Flex 3000 CT

Customised to your company
You can link the Flex 3000 XL directly to the robust weighing scales of ReflexSystems. Included in the wide range are bench scales with a weighing capacity from 3 to 300 kilo and floor scales with a weighing capacity from 150 to 3000 kilo. These products are also produced in house. In addition, ReflexSystems has its own certified calibration experts to calibrate the weighing scales.
HACCP, General Food Law, tracking and tracing are key words in the modern food industry. And, of course, ReflexSystems keeps its finger on the pulse. The most recent legislation is implemented in the software immediately. And we always ask ourselves “What is the most efficient way of working in practice?” We test each new module extensively in a simulated work environment before release. Once installed, our helpdesk is always on standby to offer assistance.

The balance between form and function
The large infrared touch screen of the Flex 3000 XL is a fine example of functional design. You can easily find the correct button almost without even having to look. There is also a useful series of customisable function buttons for frequent actions. Essential operating functions are shown using pictograms. This makes the system understandable for people that do not speak the language of their work place.

The Reflex 3000 software environment is customised for the food branch. With more than 80 modules, the system is suitable for every company from small to very large. Frequently used options include the label printers, barcode scanners, thermometers, voice picking and peer-to-peer network.
Flex 3000 XL