The meat industry is characterised as a branch that must meet strict legislation such as HACCP, tracking and tracing, labelling, etc. Other important issues are cost price calculations, stock management and responding to customer specific requirements as regards packaging, processing and labelling. The narrow margins and short turnaround time between order entry and delivery require a software solution to match this.

Vlees Bolscher

Automating your business processes requires your supplier to have a thorough knowledge in the field of business processes. For the last 25 years, ReflexSystems has been supplying software specifically for the food industry and has built up a client base of around 600 food companies.

ReflexSystems offers you a total solution with Reflex 3000 ERP software and the Flex 3000 industrial terminals. We can automate your company with our standard solutions quickly and easily at the right price/quality ratio. Because we standardise our software, most of the processes have already been defined. The advantage of this is that we can keep the implementation costs low and the turnaround time short.

The specific requirements of the meat industry are translated within the 80 modules (from which you can choose) of Reflex 3000. This may include stock management, recipe management, cost price calculations, order entry (EDI, Deli XL, Web shop, manual), production planning, tracing, ingredient declarations, etc.

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