Bakery and confectionery

The bakery and confectionery industry is characterised by a wide variety of tastes and combinations. There is also a huge variation in packaging. This wide range of options in taste, combinations and packaging places specific demands on your recipe management, ingredient declarations and allergen management. Without an automated system, a minor change made to a recipe quickly involves a great deal of time (and therefore money) in order to recalculate all the declarations. Much time and money can be saved by simply calculating (and printing) your ingredient declarations and allergens automatically.

Automating your business processes requires your supplier to have a thorough knowledge in the field of business processes. For the last 25 years, ReflexSystems has been supplying software specifically for the food industry and has built up a client base of around 600 food companies.
ReflexSystems offers you a total solution with Reflex 3000 ERP software and the Flex 3000 industrial terminals. We can automate your company with our standard solutions quickly and easily at the right price/quality ratio. Because we standardise our software, most of the processes have already been defined. The advantage of this is that we can keep the implementation costs low and the turnaround time short.

The specific requirements of the bakery and confectionery industry are translated within the 80 modules (from which you can choose) of Reflex 3000. This may include recipe management, order entry (EDI, Deli XL, Web shop, manual), cost price calculation, production lists, tracing, etc.
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