Our customers

kroes v2De Kroes’s experience
De Kroes in Almere produces ready-made meals daily, meat prepared in a traditional way and roasted meat snacks.
Just over ten years ago, the company opted for ReflexSystems in particular because of the excellent solution for weighing registration by way of scanning. Peter de Vos, managing director and owner of De Kroes still stands firmly behind his decision. “For the last ten years, the ReflexSystems system has been crucial to all the steps of our production process.”

The strength lies in its simplicity
It starts with the customer’s orders, after which the production planning is prepared. The base materials are then selected, weighed and registered based on the recipe. According to De Vos, ReflexSystems is recognised for its ease of use. “The strength is in its simplicity. There are excellent automation systems on the market, supervised by expensive consultants to keep everything on the rails. However, I prefer a system that works well on the work floor without you having to spend a few weeks in training.”

boermarke v2Boermarke’s experience

Boermarke in Enschede is a dessert factory for the institutional market, which has also been producing desserts for the retail sector increasingly more over that last few years. A wide variety of desserts is made here ranging from custard to Bavarois.

Excellent price-quality ratio
In 2007, Boermarke teamed up with ReflexSystems. “We experienced a solid growth and a modern automation system is an essential part of this. We were looking for a professional package that met our requirements perfectly”, explains Alexander Varvik, who forms the management together with his brother. The producer of desserts eventually opted for ReflexSystems; other automation packages were either not functional enough or too expensive. “In addition to this, ReflexSystems has a great deal of experience in the food industry. This is reflected in the package: it really goes into depth. Many of our customers also work with ReflexSystems. Everything fits together perfectly!”

Error free order picking
ReflexSystems works well in practice. Error free order picking is important, on which a lot of profit is now gained. “We are very customer-oriented here at Boermarke. If there are incorrect deliveries, we always deliver the correct product wherever that may be in Holland. Due to the ReflexSystems paperless order pick system, we now have error free deliveries. This is also reflected on the work floor. Efficiency has risen and that encourages everyone to work even harder”, explains a satisfied Varvik.

ffs v2Fresh Food Service’s experience
Fresh Food Service in Waalwijk is a supplier of customised ready-made food, convenience and non-food packages for the institutional market. The company dates back to 2003 and was founded by the current director and co-owner Joost Cranen. Many customers of the Waalwijk-based supplier place their orders via the web shop using the Internet Order application from ReflexSystems.

Lightning-fast service
The customers of Fresh Food Service have a choice of suppliers via Internet order. Once the order list has been made, the customer sends the complete order with just a press of a button. This arrives at the Fresh Food Service suppliers automatically. This allows Fresh Food Service to guarantee a lightning fast service: orders before 11:00 are delivered the very next day.

92% of the customers
“One of the biggest advantages of Internet Order is the time saved”, explains Cranen. “The customer enters the order, which is then sent to the supplier automatically. The initial estimate was that 60% of our customers would use the application but that has now risen to 92%! The decisive factor in opting for Internet Order was its ease of use. And rightly so, because even the customers describe it as being good to excellent.”

woutersSlaughterhouse Wouters’s experience
Slaughterhouse Wouters in De Hoef (Utrecht) is specialised in the purchase and slaughter of cattle and sheep as well as dividing, labelling, supplying and transporting the meat. Director General, Frans Wouters opted for ReflexSystems in 2003. “The deciding factor was the excellent references in the field of food. It was also apparent that ReflexSystems was perfectly capable of extending the package based on specific requirements for the slaughter part of the processing. This was very constructive due partly to the efforts of the right people.”

Ease of use
In Wouters’ opinion, ReflexSystems is recognised for its user-friendliness. “For example, it is very important that you do not have to constantly enter the animals in yourself throughout the process. ReflexSystems has resolved this very well with Seurop. With just one click, all the information about the animals is available. ReflexSystems has also made an excellent link between the slaughterhouse and the cutting plant. As a result, this compliments the track and trace part of the programme very well. You notice that the package has been set up in such a way that there are few, if any, mistakes made.”

Vandersterre v2Vandersterre Groep Packaging’s experience

Vandersterre Groep Packaging is the packaging specialist of Vandersterre Groep Bedrijven BV. The company is specialised in packaging the cheese brands Prima Donna and Landana for both the national and international markets. The company also focuses on retail, the business-to-business sector and the catering industry. De Graaf Kaas switched to ReflexSystems in 2004.

Fully customised
Frank de Graaff, managing director of Vandersterre Groep Bedrijven BV, thinks back positively to that decision. “The then administration system did not sufficiently fit with the new focus in the specific pre-package production. We wanted a package for fresh produce that cleverly fits with the logistical flows and the production. It was quickly apparent during the orientation phase that we had a click with ReflexSystems. The extensive possibilities of the package, the people at ReflexSystems and the way in which they use the package are very impressive. And what is also important: the possibility of fully customising the package for our company.”

For everyone
Looking back on a number of years of working with ReflexSystems, De Graaf can say with every confidence that the package completely meets their expectations. “The system works well and we get more out of it than we had previously expected. We also appreciate that ReflexSystems keeps the package up-to-date without us having to request an update.” The user-friendliness also stands out in particular. “The programmes are easy to use and the screen layout is very clear and logical. Everyone can work with it!”